Wax removal by injecting water

The ear canal comprises of cartilage and bones covered by skin. Earwax is produced within the cartilaginous portion. This earwax usually comes out with skin epithelial tissues. In some people, however, the wax collects within. When you attempt to remove the wax using cotton buds, the wax may get pushed further inside in the direction of the tympanic membrane (ear drum), aggravating hearing loss.


When ear canal is blocked by earwax,one must consult a doctor. If hardened wax is detected, glycerine or olive oil will be prescribed to dissolve wax. Three drops should be inserted around five times a day. This will soften the wax. There are commercial wax softeners, too. It is not sufficient to insert wax softeners once or twice a day. After about one week, the doctor will inject water and clean the ear canal. A powerful light and syringe is used.

If you had a previous ear infection leading to a damaged eardrum, washing must be avoided. Inform the doctor of your medical history.

Washing and cleaning the ear must be done by an experienced doctor. If an inexperienced doctor attempts this procedure, he may cause further damage.

After washing the ear, excess water in the outer ear canal should be wiped away. An anti fungal cream must be applied for about one week.

Stop using cotton buds. This problem may recur after a period of time.

Wax can also be sucked out using a needle sucker under direct vision. This method is safer than injecting water.