Ulcers of Tongue

This picture shows major aphthous ulcers of tongue.They are different from the common minor ulcers as they are larger and takes a longer time to heal.Sometimes these cannot be differentiated with cancers. In situations like these, the ulcer is removed surgically and sent for investigations. The prevalence is high among young females. The cause is not yet known. This condition can get exaggerated during times of depression and menstruation (of females). A slight association with congenital transfer cannot be excluded. Treatment: Heals spontaneously. Healing may be accelerated while reducing the pain with medication. a. Tetracycline dust (contained in a capsule) dissolved in water can be kept in the mouth b. Application of pain killing gels c. Steroid ointment can be applied during the night to accelerate the healing process d. If many ulcers are present, steroid tablets will be given. But they have more adverse side-effects. There is no permanent treatment / cure for frequent ulcers. The occurrence of ulcers decreases with age.