Sinus infection spreading to eye

This picture shows a child with an abscess of the eye lid due spread of sinus infection in to the eye. Let's talk about sinus infections. When a cold gets prolonged, a discharge of phlegm (yellow in colour) is usually experienced. If this condition persists, it needs medical attention. The reason for this discharge is infected sinuses. The main sinuses are maxillary ,frontal,sphenoid and ethmoids. All of them open to the nasal passage. sinuses are covered with hair cells. With the movement of these hair cells, the phlegm travels towards the nose through the openings, enters the throat and is swallowed. These passages/openings may get blocked due to various reasons leading to phlegm stagnating inside the sinuses, ultimately getting infected with bacteria.


Causes for the sinuses getting blocked:


1.) Allergy - Hypersensitive conditions leading to swelling of the sinus walls and nasal processes.

2.) Catarrh - nasal nerves getting innervated, causing swelling of turbinates.

3.) Viral infections (cold) - causing swollen processes and leading to phlegm problems.

4) Nasal blockage leading to dried up nose. This causes dysfunction of the hair cells in the sinuses resulting in stagnated phlegm.

5.) Administering nasal decongestants for a long time without medical supervision leading to swollen sinus walls.

6.) Infected teeth in the upper jaw leading to infections spreading to sinuses.


Symptoms of the sinusits are…runny nose, headache,bad smell,bleeding,blockage and facial pain.


Treatment • Antibiotics, painkillers, steam inhalation (in the initial period) • Surgical procedure at a latter stage to remove stagnated phlegm • If any of the above causes for sinus blockage are found, treatment should be given to eliminate the cause to stop a recurrence • Decayed teeth should be removed Complications of sinusitis • Infection can spread to the orbit(socket of the eye) causing abscess of eye lid, orbital cellulitis, orbital abscess followed by blindness. This complication is common among children. • Infection can spread to the cranial cavity causing possibly fatal complications such as meningitis and cerebral abscesses . • Adjoining bone may get infected (osteomyelitis).There can be swelling of the forehead. • Infected material from the sinuses may track down to the throat causing frequent sore throats and hoarseness of voice.