Nodules of Voice Box due to over use

This picture shows a magnified view of the voice box(vocal cords)taken during microlaryngoscopy. Triangular gap between the vocal cords allows air to pass through to lungs.There are two white nodules seen on the vocal cords. These nodules are formed due to excessive use of voice.(common problem among teachers and preachers) Microlaryngoscopy is the examination of the larynx (voice box)with the microscope under a general anaesthetic to find out causes for hoarseness. short metal tube ( a laryngoscope) is inserted through the mouth into find what the problem is. If needed, surgery of voice box can also be done through the laryngoscope, while the surgeon is looking through the microscope to get a better view. Microlaryngoscopy is quite a short operation and usually takes less than 30 minutes. If there is a leision, a small part of the lining of the voice box is taken away for tissue diagnosis. If any biopsies were taken, these normally take a few days to process in a laboratory. Results are available in a week. After laryngoscopy, voice may sound worse, especially if any biopsies have been taken. This should be temporary until the lining of the voice box heals. patient can go home the same day as the operation. Patient is advised to stay off work for a few days of voice rest depending on the job.