Foreign Bodies extracted from nose

This picture depicts foreign objects removed from the nose.Children and mentally retarded adults insert objects in to the nose. There is a high risk of a foreign object being pushed further into (up) the nose if an inexperienced person attempts to remove it. Consult an ENT surgeon as soon as possible. A failed attempt by an inexperienced doctor at removing the object may frighten the child. A powerful light source and special instruments are required. Forceps, if used, may scare the child. Harmless instruments like steel rings will be used to remove this. The child should be held tight. As the child may not lend himself to being examined twice, it is important to remove the object successfully at first attempt. An object which is stuck inside the nose for some time should be removed under anesthesia, after inserting a tube into the windpipe. The object will be pushed to the throat (food passage), the mouth will be opened using a mouth gag, and the object will be taken out. Since the tube is being inserted into the trachea (windpipe) for anesthesia, there is no chance of the object entering it. If the child has put something inside the nose without your being aware of it, a bad smell may emanate with a discharge. If a bad smell emanates from a child’s nose, it is due to a foreign body within (until proven otherwise).