for patients who have lost their voice box due to cancer

Malignant tumour or lumps on the voice box (Larynx) frequently occur in middle aged people, who have a history of smoking and drinking alcohol. Lesions develop on the vocal cords (Glottis) and the upper part of the larynx, which is located above the vocal cords (Supraglottis). Radiotherapy can be given for early lesions.Then it is possible to retain patients voice. If radiotherapy is unsuccessful or the cancer is advanced in the begining or there is a recurrence of tumour after radiotherapy, then surgery is recommended to remove some or all for the voice box (Partial or Total Laryngectomy). Many patients undergoing laryngectomy will need a electronic voice generator called electrolarynx. This generates vibrations of a diaphragm on the upper part of the machine. Patient has to touch the skin under the chin with the vibrator. When the muscles of the floor of the mouth vibrates, patient can generate a robot type voice.There is a rechargeable battery as power supply. When an electrolarynx is purchased,voice production has practiced under a speech and language therapist. This picture shows a patient who underwent laryngectomy using a elecrolarynx.

Patient using Electrolarynx