Ear Syringing

Ear syringe is filled with water at body temperature. Patient is covered with a mackintosh to protect clothing. Soft wax can be syringed out under direct vision by an experienced nurse or a doctor. After the procedure ear is dry mopped with a wick. Ear drum is visualized with an otoscope to exclude any damage.This procedure is not done if patient has a perforated ear drum.Direct suction under a good light is safer than syringing.


When ear canal is blocked by earwax,one must consult a doctor. If hardened wax is detected, glycerine or olive oil will be prescribed to dissolve wax. Three drops should be inserted around five times a day for a week. This will soften the wax. There are commercial wax softeners, too. It is not sufficient to insert wax softeners once or twice a day.