Deviated Middle partition (Septum)

The nasal passage is divided in to two by the nasal septum. It has cartilage at the front and bone at the back. When the middle 1/3 of face is injured, nasal septum can get damaged with or without fracture of the nasal bones. In the acute stage, manipulation can correct both the septum and the nasal bones. When a patient presents with nasal obstruction, nasal septum has to be checked for dislocation. The septum can be brought back to its original position by an operation called SEPTOPLASTY.


This operation is done under general anesthesia. There are no external cuts involved. The incision and the dissection is done within the nose. When the deformed cartilage and bone is removed, septum is back in the center of the nose. Dressings are inserted to keep the septum in position for two days. Sometimes internal plastic splints are inserted for stability of septum for a week. Patient can go home after one or two days depending on the duration of the internal packs. Pain killers and antibiotics are given. Nasal douching is advised at home to prevent collection of blood inside the nose.If plastic splints are inserted,they are removed in a week.