CAULIFLOWER EAR (Due to unattended bleeding or cyst)

This picture depicts a cauliflower ear. This is the end result of an unattended or poorly managed cyst or blood clot of the ear.

Our outer ear is made up of cartilage. Cartilage does not contain blood vessels. It takes nutrition from the thin outer membrane called the perichondrium.

When there is a collection of liquid in between the cartilage and the perichondrium, there is a risk of cartilage being deprived of nutrition resulting in cartilage damage. This may lead to a deformed ear.

The fluid that has collected should be removed immediately.This has to be done under sterile conditions by an ENT Surgeon. If the lump is punctured with an unsterilized needle to remove the liquid, the cartilage may become infected leading to a cauliflower ear.