Orall Thrush due to fungus(Candida)

Plaque is caused by fungi called yeast. These fungi live on our body (e.g. mouth, vagina, anal canal…) but only in healthy amounts because harmless bacteria living in the mouth control their growth. Sometimes, however, when body immunity is low, fungi growth can increase. Immunity becomes low in the following cases: 1. Infants and elderly people. 2. People suffering from diabetics 3. People suffering from AIDS 4. People suffering from cancers This condition may also be seen among people who have taken oral antibiotics over long periods for certain conditions. The antibiotics destroy the healthy bacteria (which controls the growth of the fungi) leading to an over growth of the fungi. People who wear dentures can also have fungi growth on their palate. Treatment If this condition occurs in an infant, cleaning with glycerine will be effective. But if the condition occurs in an adult, the reason should be investigated as this excessive fungi growth can be a warning signal of dangerous diseases like cancer or AIDS. This condition may make the intake of food difficult. Anti-fungal gels are given as a remedy. A toffee containing nistatine (an anti-fungal medicine) is administered, to be sucked three times a day for about two weeks to control the situation. If this condition is observed in a person with dentures, it should be examined for loose connections. The denture should be stored in an anti-germ solution during the night. A denture that is swallowed may even threaten life and this has been discussed separately.